About Me

Masoud Nassimi graduated from Afghan Institute of Technology (AIT) on 1979. In 1983, he migrated from Afghanistan to USA and attended to Purdue University where, he received his bachelor and Master degree in Structural / Civil Engineering. Since July 1988, he has been working for California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Currently he is Caltrans Permit Engineer in Greater Los Angeles Area. 
Mr. Nassimi also has been teaching part-time at Los Angeles Valley College as Algebra instructor since 1990. He is the author of his workbook, "MATH / ALGEBRA Fundamentals"; and "Intermediate Algebra" that has lecture handouts with many illustrative examples and copy of powerpoint presentation for each topics (posted in this web site under Lecture Power Point Presentation tap) plus  full of classwork and homework.

Mr. Nassimi at his private time volunteers for many community organizations and he is serving currently as the Vice Chair of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)  which overseeing 34 of its chapters nationwide . His myriad volunteer activities include founding and President of Afghan American Muslim Outreach (AAMO), former Board Member of Islamic Shura Council of S. CA (ISCSC). 
He is married with three children and residing in Southern California for over two decades.
Few Facts About Mr. Nassimi Workbook " MATH / ALGEBRA Fundamentals"
Mr. Nassimi's workbook is a result of compilation of many handouts and class work problems that were given to the students during the last 25 years of his teaching at Los Angeles Valley College & Harbor community college. 
These handouts were written for students who need help understanding the basics in an easy to read, self-help format; such as a recipe book is for cooking. In each topic, there are numerous examples with solutions that explain step-by-step procedures to enable the students to obtain a thorough grasp of all of the principles involved. Each topic is followed by many similar practice problems and answers, which the students may use as class work for further practice in an effort to build a solid foundation of understanding, as well as enhance their confidence.
Being a full time Structural/Civil Engineer who uses the application of Mathematics and Algebra on a daily basis has given me the background & experience to present these topics in a unique workshop format where students and instructor work together to implement the ideas learned in the lecture. The class work problems are designed to give an opportunity for students to work collaboratively, allowing them to think, make observations and connections together, ask questions, and learn from their errors. As students try to solve these problems, the instructor is available to aide and respond to their queries upon request.